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We are committed to life processes in the cultivation, harvest and spinning of cotton, handmade by entire families.  We are slow fashion. Which means being respectful to the environment, to the working conditions of our craftsmen and equipment, promoting fair consumption, and choosing materials and production processes that respect these values.  In order to grow and develop design trends in our product, we always propose new techniques, techniques and processes aligned to the values ​​of slow and sustainable production.  So far we have specialized in the use of organic cotton produced in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, and we have incorporated the natural and organic techniques in Bamboo, Linen and Silk. We aim in the next year to work with alpaca yarns.



The “huipil” is made by organic cotton, made in waist loom. It is the representative material of our brand. Each huipil takes two months of work to be done. It is 100% organic and biodegradable, dependent on cotton crops that require rainwater, has 0% polyester & is made 100% natural dyes.

In our huipiles there are more than colors, but there is philosophy and cosmic knowledge.

Each one in its unity and particularity is a piece of anthropological and artistic value that supports the way of life of the communities with whom we work and for this reason it respects the nature that surrounds us.

In each fabric we Discovery the dream of a people that anchors their identity in their clothing. A knowledge that protects them from the fear most feared by the peoples. Oblivion.

Each geometric pattern of the huipil, each shape and design is not a product of chance, but condenses universal concepts with absolute precision. In these designs is hidden the worldview of the universe, the conception of nature, the supernatural and the soul. Appreciating them is a way of traveling through the corners of the pre-Hispanic world. It is the representation of their knowledge and their relationship with the natural and spiritual;

“For these cultures the supernatural is part of everyday life, the tissues unite the body with the universe.”

Wearing a huipil is wearing history, culture, tradition and art. It is to wear a garment that unites the ancestral with the contemporary and be aware of it. It is to support dozens of communities in Mexico to continue living as they have learned from the land and its past. Both the “huipil” line and the other collections we have presented support and empower the artisans and weavers who work together with us.

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