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Three years have passed since we first arrived in Mexico. We have worked in Guerrero, Oaxaca & Chiapas in different villages in a cooperative way.

Each of the communities has a distinctive stamp on the brocades, zymology, & in the way of weaving. While the waist and pedal loom are techniques that they share, each person makes it different. Each group of artisans makes their work unique and unrepeatable. Weaving is a form of expression of each town, family, and of each woman.

Our job is to seek the union between these peoples & their knowledge, and adapt their art to the contemporary world.

It is to craft together details of different communities, together with knowledge in design and aesthetics, in one same product.

HINA seeks for the craftsman’s mark. The mark of whom makes the loom with their hands. & in turn looks for each garment to be made by a cooperative team sharing the intention to express, create and keep a certain knowledge alive.

We choose to live in the land where we make and share the way of life that these huipiles represent. This is how we go deeper into the wisdom behind the loom. This is how we get soaked, together with these communities, through their form, vision, belief and practice with regards to each loom and with regard to life.

Lucia López is the founder. Born in Uruguay, and having gone through fashion in Italy and Los Angeles, she now lives in Mexico in the search to pour her passion for design into a social project.

She is the one who makes the designs together with the weavers, the head and the heart of the aesthetic and anthropological presence of each garment.

Lucia is the direct approach to the original communities in Mexico, who lives there, knows their language & their ways. She is the one who is able to translate an ancestral knowledge into a modern product that respects history and supports the direct needs of workers.

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