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Truly handmade work

HINA is born by the curiosity generated by the truly handmade work done by the communities of women weavers in America. Without really knowing what create, we saw a quality product, unique and a slow process dedicated to the earth. As soon as we started working as a team in Oaxaca, we began to understand what these textiles really were. They were pieces of art full of love and dedication, product of creative processes that respect the times of the earth and their ancestral culture.

As a good anthropologist does, we ask permission to these original communities to live with them in Oaxaca and learn from their way of life. We started working together with them, identifying ourselves since then as a social and textile project.

The production process of each of our garments is done respecting the needs of our craftsmen and empowering their wisdom. We set out to show the value of the ancestral wisdom and millenary technique that these women know.

HINA is a brand that honors history and does not ignore it, but that has its feet in the present and looks to the future.

This technique is a legacy for all humanity

HINA intends to help several communities of women to maintain the earthly and organic way of life they already practice. The knowledge and connection with their land is what enables them to work in a 100% artisan way, and the preservation of these millenary techniques within their family, passing through generation to generation.

Giving them job is our way of respecting their values and support their community.

This helps the communities already settled in the land to be able to stay there and avoid moving to the city in search of jobs in massive industries. Organic, sustainable and ethical work already exists between them: It is not necessary here to create a complex system of “organic” production but to empower those who already practice it.

Working directly and as a team with them, is how we understood that

HINA is a bridge between what is new and what is ancestral.

HINA creates a product that unites the demand of a modern market with environmental and cultural awareness, along with an old, slow, basic technology and 100% natural way of working.

We propose then to give our client a product that adapts to this era but that respects and values the old not only in textile technique but in anthropological and historical value in the production process and ways of life of those who work it.

With the strength of ancestrality of the original communities in Oaxaca, from that root, is that we created new designs. Together and in collaboration, we unite what is new with what is ancestral, recognizing the value of the old and at the same time looking to the future.

HINA is a bridge of union between a conscious buyer, awake, and who knows the quality in material and culture, and these women who weave, rooted to a tree with their feet in their ancestral land.

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